Saturday, May 6, 2017

San Francisco State University Toxic Climate for Jewish Students: the mainstream media catches on (part 2)

Recently a series of articles and op-eds has appeared in the J- the Jewish News of Northern California documenting the toxic campus climate for Jewish students at San Francisco State University.

Written by 2 long term professors at San Francisco State University, Marc Dollinger and Fred Astren, this article condemns the " inability or unwillingness of the university administration to speak out and act in the face of the marginalization of Jewish students". 

Jewish studies professors: S.F. State marginalizes Jews

The most troubling instance of marginalization of Jews occurred in February when members of an on-campus organizing committee, whose co-sponsors included student and faculty groups, excluded S.F. Hillel from participation in a “Know Your Rights” event, whose program was intended to assist students from marginalized communities navigate the current national political environment. In previous years, the intentional exclusion of Jewish students based upon their group status would have been properly met with an immediate administration repudiation and a call to action. The trust and goodwill of open two-way channels of communications would have facilitated an appropriate response. Instead, the S.F. State administration has made no public comment, thereby continuing in a silence that acquiesces to Jewish marginalization on campus.

In a recent email to S.F. State Hillel students concerned about their physical safety and place on campus, Wong followed an affirmation that “safety is my top priority as president” with the qualification that “one person cannot change the culture of an institution as large as San Francisco State.”

To the contrary, we believe that if there is one person who has the voice to speak out against the marginalization of Jews on campus, the ability to initiate needed change, and the obligation to lead, it is President Wong.

Marc Dollinger is the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Chair in Jewish Studies and Social Responsibility at San Francisco State University. Fred Astren is chair of the Jewish studies department.

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