Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GUPS President Mohammad Hammad Flails Wildly

On Nov. 21, Mohammad Hammad, the president of the General Union of Palestinian Students of San Francisco University revealed the GUPS plan for striking back.  Their secret weapon appears to be an on-line petition.

They will "attack the messenger", in an attempt to reflect attention from themselves. Tammi Benjamin of the AMCHA initiative is their intended scapegoat.  Mohammad referred to Tammi Benjamin, a courageous human rights activist, as a "bigoted piece of filth".
He writes:

As some of you may know, my group and I have been dealing with a lot of shit at school lately, and I keep saying that I’ll provide you all with an update, so HERE it finally is.
On November 7th, The General Union of Palestine Students [GUPS] hosted an event on campus meant to commemorate the inauguration of the first Palestinian mural in the US, which was done at San Francisco State University 6 years ago. The event was broken up into two parts: a morning rally meant to garner some interest, and the actual mural event later on in the evening.

During the morning event, hosted by GUPS, several friendly groups came out to table in support. One of these groups, the Student Kouncil of Intertribal Nations [SKINS], had a table set up dedicated to stenciling various slogans and images on backpacks, binders, folders, or whatever else anyone may have been interested in. Among these stencils was one that read “my heroes have always killed colonizers”, a slogan created by an indigenous artist.
A pleasant lady by the name of Tammi Benjamin, head of the AMCHA Initiative, has decided to take this slogan out of context and deliberately contort the situation, slamming our organization for “extreme antisemitism”, claiming that the sign “implicitly calls for the murder of Jews”.
Needless to say, that is absolute bullshit.
The problem?
Tammi Benjamin, although completely delusional, has a rather large sphere of influence, and has quite a bit of power backing her.
She is now working to shut down our organization, which it should be noted, is the LAST remaining chapter of GUPS on the planet, as all others have come under similar fire and been shut down over the last several decades. As both the last remaining chapter and one of the oldest chapters, we can NOT let the General Union of Palestine Students die.
She is using everything at her disposal to pressure campus officials to “investigate” and “discipline” those involved, as well as condemn us for our “blatant support of terror” and “antisemitism”, and has brought in city officials, as well as a plethora of other pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian hate-groups.
The issue continues to grow larger and larger, and this is going to be a battle that we’re in for the long haul, despite having all the facts and truth on OUR side.
Now, what YOU can all do to help, is we’ve started an online petition calling on President Leslie Wong of San Francisco State University to condemn this baseless attack and slander campaign launched by Tammi and the AMCHA initiative, and we’re calling upon any and every supporter, from any part of the world, to sign and help spread the message.
The petition can be found HERE, and please do whatever you can to help spread the message and get this as many signatures as you all can.
As president of the last remaining chapter of GUPS, I will not see our organization fall to the likes of such a bigoted piece of filth, and we’re here to take the battle back to her.

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