Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Overview: What happened on November 7 at San Francisco State University?

On November 7, a commemoration of the 6th anniversary of the Edward Said Mural was held at San Francisco State University.  Speakers and and art projects were scheduled for the quad, with a more formal reception to be held later.  The event poster indicates it was sponsored by the Caesar Chavez Student Center, the Palestinian Youth movement, the Arab Resource Organizer Center, the Mid East Children's Alliance, the Arab Culture and Community center and AMED, the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative of SFSU.

From the events' Facebook page 

The 6th Annual Palestinian Mural Celebration
We Speak for Ourselves; Honoring our Forebearers.

Join the General Union of Palestine Students and community members on Thursday November 7th 2013 as we remember the honorable Dr. Edward Wadie Said.

Friends and Family can look forward to a night filled with the beauty and resilience of Palestinian culture as well as critical commentary on the legacy of Edward Said, the role of culture in social struggles, and a re-telling of the arduous efforts of veteran Guppies in getting the mural done.

Program is as follows:

12pm in Malcolm X Plaza
Blessing and Ceremony to start the day.
Poetry by GUPS members
Community speak out/open mic
procession/march around to Edward Said mural

5:30 in Jack Adams Hall
Poetry and mural presentation by special guests Salam Oweis and Susan Greene
Keynote address by Ziad Abbas of the Middle East Children's Alliance
Panel Discussion featuring GUPS veterans
Food provided by Oasis Grill, Ali Baba's Cave, and Sahara
Dabkeh (Shabab Al Quds)!

Bring your dancing shoes!

Until Return.
Until Freedom.
And even then.

A table of stencils was available. There is some controversy whether the stencils were provided by the General Union of Palestinian Students, or other groups at the event.  One of the stencils featured terrorist hijacker  Leila Khaled.  Others featured the motto "My heroes have always killed colonizers".

Students and community members who observed the event, and who saw the photos after, were upset by the incitement and glorification of violence and murder at this state funded institution.

Our hope at this blog is to chronicle and document the response from school members, the mass media and from advocacy groups.

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