Wednesday, December 4, 2013

News of SFSU's hate speech reaches Israel: San Francisco State University Student Openly Supports Terrorists

Within two days, news of the hate speech at San Francisco State University reached Israel. From  the Israellycool Blog site, dated Nov. 12, a photo is posted  showing a student holding a sign "My heroes have always killed colonizers". Aussie Dave asks  "Can anyone identify this repugnant individual?"

 San Francisco State University Student Openly Supports Terrorists

Hamdi Bazian, student at SFSU

An anonymous commenter responds, based on material in the SFSU school paper, which incidentally never mentions the controversial incident:

I believe we’ve identified the repugnant individual, courtesy of the San francisco State University School newspaper 
The photo is captioned “Hamdi Bazian holds a Palestinian flag underneath the Dr. Edward Said mural during a rally to commenmorate its anniversary. The first part of the rally was held at Malcolm X Plaza after which a procession led to the mural on North Plaza, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 Photo by Benjamin Kamps / Xpress”

Sure looks like the same individual. What do you all think?
The next question- is he at all related to equally repugnant Hatem Bazian, who once called for an intifada in America?

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