Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To SFSU Hillel: Improving communication

We've heard often how beloved the Hillel leadership is at SFSU and how strong the community is.  While this is a true blessing for Jewish students at the school, it may not have been enough.   With the cycle of adverse publicity and rumors circulating regarding the events at SFSU, a different form of leadership was needed.

The American Psychiatric Association offers advice for those in extraordinary circumstances. Geared for trying times, it provides an effective formula for leadership on campus

Communicate Effectively with Your Community 
Worry and distress can spread within and among communities, resulting in rumors and distortion of the facts of the event. Therefore, special attention should be given to optimizing communication with members of your community and with those outside of your community. Formal and informal leaders can be role models for the importance of sharing grief, communicating hope, identifying facts, managing rumors and providing support to others as needs change over time.

Be Visible–Make Public Announcements and Appearances
By providing useful and accurate information, leaders can re-establish a sense of safety and enhance the community’s trust in leadership.

Provide Accurate, Timely Information on What Is Known, What Is Not Known, and When More Information Will Be Communicated
Press briefings, use of social media, and community meetings can reassure families and dispel rumors. Always say when more information will be available.

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